What should I do if my mother -in -law is washed by my mother -in -law

What should I do if my mother -in -law is washed by my mother -in -law

For many women, sexy underwear is their weapon in bed.Not only can inspire sexual desire, but also improve self -confidence.But when your mother -in -law unexpectedly washed them as ordinary underwear, what should I do?Here are some solutions you need to understand.

Find the problem as early as possible

If you think your sexy underwear is mistaken for washing ordinary underwear by your mother -in -law, find out the root cause of the problem as early as possible.Don’t wait until the inevitable damage occurs.Once a problem is found, please take action immediately.

Contact mother -in -law and communicate

Communication is the first step in solving problems.Find your mother -in -law directly and explain the differences between the erotic underwear and ordinary underwear in the washing method.Elements that can be appropriately added in the process of communication to ease the tension atmosphere.

Take action to change things

It is not enough to make my mother -in -law realize that their mistakes are not enough, and action is the most important thing.Provide specific and detailed information about how to care for sexy underwear, and suggest that she read more related professional information to avoid similar situations.

Introduce the characteristics of professional sex lingerie brands

The difference between sexy underwear is how good the quality and shape are maintained.If your mother -in -law cannot understand this, you can introduce some professional sexy underwear brands.By introducing the characteristics and design of these brands, let her know more about sexy underwear, and experience the uniqueness of sexy underwear from the appearance and maintenance process.

Buy professional detergent

In order to solve this situation, you can buy some professional detergents from your mother -in -law. These detergents can clean up sexy lingerie and gradually let the mother -in -law realize the difference from ordinary underwear.

Process sex underwear by yourself

Washing erotic underwear is a special skill. If your mother -in -law is not very familiar with this, then letting you handle sex underwear is the best choice.Try to avoid giving her sexy underwear to her.

Educate her how to maintain sexy underwear

After my mother -in -law realized the difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear, educating her how to better maintain sexy underwear.Instruct her to use different tanks for washing to avoid excessive squeezing and wear, drying in the sun, and so on.

Protect your privacy

Sex underwear often represents a private side. If you do not want your mother -in -law to cross the border, you can collect the sexy underwear in a private place to avoid letting outsiders get in touch.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is a "secret treasure" of women. Understanding how to properly handle and maintain sexy underwear allows you to play a better and smoother effect in the process of sex and get a better experience.I hope that this article solves the problem of being washed by my mother -in -law underwear for you, so that you can enjoy the process of sex more confident and happily.

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