What to wear in 160 what to wear

What to wear in 160 what to wear

In the field of sexy underwear, there are many types and styles to choose from, but how to choose a sexy underwear that suits you?What types of sexy underwear choose the 160 -tall girls can the most advantage of their own advantages?In this article, we will introduce you in detail the sexy underwear type suitable for girls with 160 heights.

1. Drain

For 160 girls, if you want to have a sexy upper body curve, you need a suitable bra.When buying the bra, be sure to pay attention to the size and cup of the bra.It is recommended to choose the bra that is suitable for your own size, so as to better show the chest lines and body proportions.

2. stockings

Stockings are a very important part of sexy underwear. It can well highlight the proportion of girls’ leg shape and slender figure.When choosing stockings, you can choose a transparent style so that you can be sexy and not too "deliberate".

3. Hollow style

Putting on a hollow sexy underwear can make your body more prominent.This style of sexy underwear usually has a lot of small holes, which can not only show the vulgar charm of women, but also cover women’s small belly well.

4. Corset

A corset is a enhanced underwear that can effectively improve the chest and make women’s chest more three -dimensional and plump.For 160 girls, choosing a suitable corset can make the upper body look more charming.

5. Conjusational clothes

Loco clothes are more complicated in sexy underwear. It is usually composed of two parts, which can show women’s figure proportions and lines well.Choosing a jacket that suits your body can not only increase sexuality, but also increase self -confidence.

6. Diamond style

Diamond -style sexy underwear is very beautiful. They often include many small diamonds or sequins in design, which can highlight the beauty of women’s curves very well, so that women can be more attractive whether they stand or walk.

7. lace style

Lace is one of the classic design elements in sexy underwear. It can well highlight the feminine and sexy of women.When choosing a lace -style sexy underwear, you must pay attention to quality and material to avoid affecting comfort and dressing experience.

8. Perspective style

Ferry -style sexy underwear usually uses relatively thin materials, which can show women’s skin and increase temptation.However, if you choose improperly, it is likely to be too exposed and "cheap".

9. Sling style

The sexy underwear of suspenders is very common. They are very light and close, which is very suitable for summer wear.Choosing a suspender style suitable for your body can increase the overall sexuality, but it will not appear too public.

10. Suitable for you

Finally, it is necessary to remind that when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the style that suits you, so as to maximize your advantages and charm.Different girls have different figure characteristics and personality styles. Only by finding a style that suits them can we truly make sexy underwear a "killer".

Viewpoint: Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you, which can make girls show their most charming side, thereby increasing self -confidence and attractiveness, but we must pay attention to quality and comfort, adhere to health and beauty.

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