Who is the first one in the sexy underwear of Guanyun County

The legend of the first sex underwear shop in Guanyun County

Guanyun County has been one of the important business cities in Jiangsu Province since ancient times. Compared with other cities in Jiangsu Province, its business development is more advantageous.In recent years, the market demand of sexy underwear has shown a rapid growth. Guanyun County is no exception. The improvement of economic vitality and consumption level has driven the booming of the sex underwear market.The legendary story of Guanyun County’s first sex underwear shop has spread throughout the city over time.

1912 Guanyun Chukou Store

Although sexy underwear seems to be a fashion product, its origin can be traced back to the early 19th century.In 1912, the first sexy underwear store of Guanyun County, which had been less than a century, was founded in this era.At that time, it was co -invested by a group of courageous businessmen. They were determined to bring the most fashionable and high -quality sexy underwear to local consumers in Guanyun County.

Shenzhen joint venture and new opportunities

By the 1980s, as the door to China’s opening became more and more open, the sexy underwear industry began to develop rapidly, and the first sex underwear store in Guanyun County was not far behind.In 1985, the sex underwear market in Guanyun County and Shenzhen joint venture have been in touch, which has also become a new opportunity for the development of the store.

Autonomous design brand logo, occupying the market

In order to highlight the brand characteristics of the store, the store introduced a group of proficient design talents, and at the same time designed the store’s brand logo, which greatly enhanced the popularity and brand advantages of the store in the market.

Continuously improve corporate management and improve service quality

With the continuous upgrading of market competition, the first sexy underwear shop in Guanyun County realized that high -quality services are important competitiveness of marketing.Therefore, the store has gradually improved its business management model and improved the quality of service.The decoration, product display, and salesperson training have been worked hard, and the satisfaction of customers has increased significantly.

Pioneering network sales channels

When the popularity of the Internet opened a new era of consumption, the first sexy underwear store in Guanyun County actively understood this new sales channel.The store has established online stores and pays attention to interaction with customers. This approach further promotes the prosperity and development of store network sales.

Precise positioning to meet different levels of needs

In addition to focusing on the innovation of marketing methods, the store has also worked hard on product positioning.Stores are accurate for the needs of different people and levels of different ages to provide more diversified and high -quality products for consumers.At the same time, stores also launch preferential activities on a regular basis to attract continuous consumer groups.

Create community culture and increase consumer loyalty

While the number of consumers continues to increase, the store has also extended thinking in operation.The cultural activities of the shop gradually entered the consumer.Store celebrations are held every year, such as the display of fashion underwear in autumn, and new products in spring.This move not only strengthened the interaction between stores and customers, but also increased consumption loyalty.

The performance has continued to soar, and the development and growth

Under such a business model, the performance of the first sex lingerie shop in Guanyun County has continued to soar.From the original small store to the current market -led brand, the stores have persistently and down -to -earth on the way, and have achieved great success in market competition.

Continue to operate blueprints and keep the market leading

The success of the first sexy underwear shop in Guanyun County is because the store is willing to innovate, but also because the store has always pursued unremittingly.Standing at the end of fashion forever, focusing on customers’ needs, and doing all the trivial matters, this is still an important blueprint for the future of the store and the market to maintain a leading leader.


The first sexy underwear shop in Guanyun County has not been established for a long time, but in the development process of more than 100 years, the continuous innovation and progress of the store is also the embodiment of the continuous progress of the consumer culture and economy and culture of Guanyun County.EssenceThe story reveals that we can always have the motivation and vitality of development only while the market and the social environment changes.

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