Wife wears sexy underwear


When a woman understands that she may need to wear a sexy underwear, this is usually because she has a problem to solve it.Sometimes this problem is that her appearance looks too ordinary, and sometimes her figure has changed, such as becoming fat.

Wife fat

This is normal if your wife becomes fat because of fertility, age, or other reasons.But at the same time, she may also feel self -confidence and reduce diversity unconsciously when choosing to wear.To solve this problem, some women may selectively feel sexy underwear.This can help them get rid of the restraint and show their unique charm.

The meaning of wearing sex lingerie

Make your wife wearing fun underwear have many meanings.First of all, this underwear is often considered a symbol of sexy and charming, which can increase women’s self -confidence.Secondly, sexy underwear is a way to express its own personality. You can choose colors, styles, etc. to highlight the unique style.Finally, wearing sexy underwear can ignite lust, enhance the interaction between couples, and make marriage more happy.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

It is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.For fat women, choosing a style of neck and thick shoulder straps is a good choice.This design can highlight the shoulder and chest, making the body ratio more well.In addition, choosing lace or satin underwear at the bottom can make the figure look more gorgeous and sexy.

Choose the right color and pattern

For my wife, it is very important to choose the right color and pattern.The selection of colors and patterns should be based on personal preferences and skin coloring considerations.The color of the black system can be visually modified well, while the bright color can enhance the breath.In addition, the choice of patterns is also very important. To choose a design with its own unique significance, this can increase the beauty of the underwear.

Choose a suitable size

It is very important to choose the right sexy underwear size.If you buy a small size, the underwear will be tight, and it will easily produce uncomfortable marks.If you buy a size, the effect will not be as expected, and the degree of sexy is greatly reduced.You should carefully measure the size and choose the appropriate size as much as possible so that you can make the dress more comfortable and perfectly show the body.

Pay attention to underwear materials

Choosing materials is an important consideration for the purchase of underwear. For some fat women, they should choose soft and cheerful fabrics.When purchasing physical stores and online, you can choose the soft and stretching of the fabric.At the same time, the materials should also be comfortable and breathable, comfortable and natural when wearing.

Underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is generally more exquisite. Do not clean it with a washing machine. You can use hand washed or dry.If you wash it with hand, use cold water, warm water or cold water to wash, and use a mild detergent.Do not dry it directly after washing, but you should gently dry the water with a towel before drying.

Combine with other clothing

In order to make underwear better play, it can be paired in combination with other clothes.For example, a bright jacket or a pair of high -waisted trousers can set off the unique charm of sexy underwear well.In addition, you can also choose high heels or a glorious necklace to increase the overall visual effect.

in conclusion

In the case of his wife’s fat, wearing erotic underwear is not to cover up the shortcomings of the figure, but to enhance self -confidence and show their aesthetics.At the same time, reasonable selection of suitable underwear styles, colors and sizes, and pay attention to the maintenance of underwear and combined with other clothing to bring better sexy effects.

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